The BELLA Masters Youth Leadership Program is an international, five-week intensive educational and skills development symposium for 100 competitively selected USA and Africa-based youth, ages 15 – 28. The BELLA Youth Leadership Program cultivates courageous, confident, and resilient leaders who are determined to make a powerful, positive, and permanent impact within their communities and throughout our world.

Our Youth Leadership Program inspires innovation, fosters intergenerational understanding, bridges cultural gaps and cultivates the potential of young people to succeed as leaders within the public and private sectors.

Program Focus

Empowering Future Leaders

The BELLA Youth Leadership Program identifies and develops the leadership potential of participants. Through engaging virtual sessions and expert guidance, our Leadership Program equips young people with the essential, life-changing skills to become effective leaders in every field starting with themselves.

Bridging Generational Gap

Recognizing the value of inter-generational understanding; Involves economic, cultural, and social differences affecting several generations, both past and present.
The program encourages meaningful interactions between the speakers and participants from different age groups, cultures, and experiences.
This exchange of ideas and experiences bridges gaps between different age groups in history and today, promoting mutual growth and understanding for more wholesome and thriving communities.

Igniting Creativity

Innovation is key to success. The BELLA Youth Leadership Program encourages creative thinking and problem solving, fostering innovation among participants. We strengthen the abilities of young people to thrive within an ever-changing world.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural sensitivity is crucial. The BELLA Youth Leadership Program includes activities and discussions that promote cultural awareness and global perspectives. This prepares participants to lead in diverse and international settings.

Business Insight

Our Leadership Program provides young people with knowledge about entrepreneurship and business creation. Participants gain an essential understanding of business fundamentals, enabling them to navigate corporate environments or embark on entrepreneurial journeys with confidence.