Youth Leadership Program

Our Five Week Virtual Program is uniting young Africans and African Americans, to cultivate future leaders and bridge generational gaps in culture and enterprise. We are excited to be featuring an inaugural introduction on IDENTITY LEADERSHIP by Stedman Graham, Businessman, Educator, and Speaker.

The event is on March 2nd! Please Register below by FEB 26.

Starts March 2nd Online
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Starts June Online
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Starts October Online
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BELLA Youth Leadership Program

The BELLA Youth Leadership Program is a 5-week virtual initiative aimed at empowering future leaders. It focuses on developing leadership skills for success in today’s ever-changing world. Beyond personal growth, it encourages innovation, fosters intergenerational understanding, and bridges cultural divides in the field of enterprise and leadership.

BELLA Outreach Program

The BELLA Outreach Program is a dedicated effort aimed at uplifting African youth and paving the way for their growth as strong leaders and individuals who excel in various aspects of life. Through our program, we extend valuable opportunities, essential resources, and unwavering mentoring support to empower these young individuals.

BELLA Academy Coming in 2025

Exciting news: The BELLA Academy is launching in 2025, offering diverse educational opportunities for young individuals to nurture their unique talents and passions. It’s set to be a hub for learning and personal growth, empowering aspiring students to excel in different fields.