Preparing Africa’s Future Leaders

The BELLA Outreach Program is a leadership development initiative created specifically to refine, strengthen, and engage the leadership potential of young Africans. The goal of The BELLA Outreach Program is to forge a community of innovative, confident, resilient, and accountable leaders with life-changing leadership development capabilities who will shape the destiny of Africa and contribute to a more hopeful future for our world.

Opportunities for Advancement

Our program opens doors to a world of opportunities for our youth.
Program participants are provided opportunities to refine and engage their emerging leadership development capabilities through challenging discussions, mentorship sessions and activities.
BELLA Outreach empowers emerging leaders from the African continent and in the diaspora to unlock their potential, develop leadership skills, and contribute positively to their communities and society.

Access to Vital Resources

Internships and Externships

BELLA Masters provides internship and externship opportunities to young leaders as needed from a list of mentors and partnerships with the organization to help them apply the skills they have acquired in the program combined with their educational experiences.

Guidance and Mentorship

Mentorship forms the cornerstone of our program. We connect African youth with experienced mentors who serve as facilitators of their journey toward leadership and excellence. These mentors offer valuable advice, steadfast support, and a caring presence.

Royalty Scholarships

The Royalty Scholarships initiative is a compassionate and comprehensive program that helps transform the lives of internally displaced or orphaned children. Royalty Scholarships provide crucial educational and housing support to our most vulnerable children, giving them an opportunity to overcome their challenging environments.

Complete Educational Support: Education is the cornerstone of a brighter future. Royalty Scholarships program provides recipients as young as 3 years old who have been victims of local crises or war and have been displaced from their homes into tents.
Our program provides them with educational access and the financial and academic resources that allow them to excel.

Safe and Nurturing Housing: Stability and security are fundamental needs for any child. The program guarantees safe and nurturing housing for scholarship recipients, offering them a place to call home. This stable environment enables them to concentrate on their education, fostering a sense of safety, belonging, and emotional well-being.

Books and Educational Materials: The Royalty Scholarships program provides recipients with books and educational materials.

This support eliminates barriers to learning and empowers them to use their newfound knowledge to learn more about our world.

Meeting Basic Needs: Royalty Scholarships also address basic needs. In addition to educational and housing support, our scholarship program ensures that students receive nutritious food, appropriate clothing, and access to healthcare. This holistic approach ensures that every child’s well-being is a top priority.

Love and Support: Love is a powerful force for healing and growth, and it is at the heart of the Royalty Scholarships program. We understand that these children have experienced loss and hardship, and we are devoted to offering them the care and emotional support they need to heal and flourish. Our program creates a nurturing community where these children feel valued, supported, and loved.

The Royalty Scholarships initiative stands as a beacon of hope for internally displaced or orphaned children. By providing children with education, safe housing, essential resources, and unwavering love and support, we help sow the seeds of resilience, empowerment, and hope.

Our Royalty Scholarships Program empowers children to overcome adversity and provides them with the opportunity to be leaders and sources of inspiration and possibility to their communities and our world.