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Are you passionate about youth leadership, education, and empowerment? Are you eager to make a meaningful difference in the lives of young people in the USA and Africa? Then we invite you to join us at BELLA Masters as mentors, Masters (Mentees), or partners in our mission to cultivate the next generation of leaders.

How You Can Get Involved


Are you a young person eager to develop your leadership skills and make a positive impact? Join our programs and become a Master (mentee).


Are you an experienced professional or leader willing to share your knowledge and mentor the next generation? Become a mentor and inspire young leaders.


Are you an organization or individual looking to support youth leadership development in the USA and Africa? Partner with us and help us reach more young people.

Strategic Collaborations

In December 2022, BELLA Masters forged a strategic collaboration with Steadman Graham Associates, a globally renowned leadership and organizational development firm. These partnerships, along with the support of leading organizations and compassionate individual donors, enable us to fulfill our vital mission.

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Visit our Programs Page to learn more about BELLA Masters and how you can support our work. Together, let’s invest in the inspiration and establishment of a new generation of courageous, confident, and determined young leaders.

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Thank you for your commitment to empowering youth and building a brighter future for all.