Banter Education Love and Leadership AdvancementBuilding Future Leaders

Building Future Leaders

Building Future Leaders

The 2022 BELLA Masters Gala Lunch.

Thank you to all our sponsors, guests, donors, supporters, volunteers, committee members, and friends who made this event our most successful to date. Photos can be viewed by clicking the button below.

How We Do It

We give youth access to opportunities, mentor support, and resources to make their talent and career aspirations a reality.

Partner With Us

Together we build. We encourage organizations to partner with us to deliver a greater result for the growth of Africa through its brilliant and vibrant youth.

BELLA Masters

“Education is the Most Powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

*Nelson Mandela

Make an Impact on the BELLA Masters Program

Life is as real as it comes, who do you turn to? There are millions of kids around the world who are growing up without an answer to this question. Your gift can help ensure every young person has someone to turn to. Thank you for your support!

The Masters

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