How We Do It

We discover the genius; we support them to develop their genius and we prepare them to launch and deliver it to their community and to the world. We encourage African youth to tap into their genius in multiple areas such as:- Art, Science, Economics and Finance, Health care, Infrastructure, technology (Including large scale technology), Artificial Intelligence and Data Science,

*Track and Record results from one to 5-year progression with an each-one-teach-one concept and a thriving community, country, and continent.

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Together we build! We encourage individuals as well as organizations to partner with us to deliver a greater result for the growth of Africa and other third countries through its brilliant and vibrant youth.

The love and care you show to a kid as a mentor can open opportunities to a future of success that not even you can imagine. At a young age, did you know how to study for an exam, make plans for college, or have someone to talk to if college was your best option? Do you remember wanting your first car, the first relation, or looking for a part-time job?

A mystery to a young person but simple things that may easy or straightforward to you.

Your moral redirecting and financial support go a long way in changing the future of 1 in 4 young people who will grow up without having a mentor.

**either through a formal mentoring program or informally through a family friend or community member
**leaving them disconnected from a critical resource to help with these very things.

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