Terence Ndifor

Marketing, Sales and Mindset Development

Terence Ndifor is one of the first products of the BELLA Masters. Terence comes from a village in the NW region in Cameroon.

His parents were farmers and have passed on. Terence has a passion for IT and enjoys the new found super power in personal growth and development. Terence now works with a Philipino organization in Cameroon and organizes events to teach other young Cameroonians about personal development.

As one of the top producers in his field while learning how to start and grow his own business in IT. Terence has created 2 applications and working on the third that will be launched on June 10th, 2018.
BELLA provided Terence with mentoring, coaching, books, financial support and other recourses and a strategy to start his own business.
The most common challenge many African children face today is the lack of heroes and mentors to be the example for them.

The proceeds donated from RYSE Summit will help to launch the first BELLA Masters event in South Central.