Etaka Edia

Etaka is a 24 year old Entrepreneur and community growth and development strategist. She has a program called She Skill’d where she provides training for local women business owners across Africa with the help of successful entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Giving them the right tools to increase revenue and remain sustainable.

She also visits IDP camps across Cameroon and help the women create handcrafts such as homemade soap, baskets, snack, fabric, as well as develop skills that help them sell to local markets and vendors to support their children and family. This gives them the ability to start over, find a new balance for themselves after being displaced, losing their homes and family members due to the crises.

So far Etakah and her team have trained over 1000 women business owners across Africa and have helped over 300 IDP women to learn creative ways to support and sustain their families. Her goal is to train 3000 women business owners across Africa by Dec. 2023 and help 800 IDP women to support their families and reclaim their lives again.
She has received several awards including one from Cameroon leadership Academy, Israel high tech seminar and continues to serve as an advocate for African women to succeed in business and build healthy relationships and families to see a better Africa in the future.