Ayafor Mofor

A passionate and caring registered nurse that will like to be an oncologist. He has lost over 6 family members to prostate cancer. He collects data on the number of men in Cameroon, especially in the South West and North West region, who suffer from prostate cancer with little or no treatment insight and they use traditional medication that may be helpful but not tested or dosed to ensure proper and complete treatment, especially in cases that require surgery. This includes his father who has to travel for hours to another region to get treatment for prostate cancer. This is due to the fact that there is only one oncologist in the entire southwest region. He believes the medical situation in Africa can be improved starting with a change in hygiene and the level of care from medical personnel. He has been providing such support but one person can only do so much. “These are simple things that do not require much funding or foreign aid to achieve”, says Ayafor. He is transforming the system one colleague and one patient at a time. So far Ayafor is designing a program that will provide better education in Cleanliness and Care for patients including the availability of medical resources and doctors to save more fathers from the deadly illness called prostate cancer.