Osangu Ngaaje

Osangu Ngaaje Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the innovative technology industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Entrepreneurship, software and hardware business, Management, Startup development and growth, and Strategy. Founder, CEO PayVit mobile money payment community super online bank. Certified accounting & business professional ACCA [...]

Osangu Ngaaje2021-12-15T21:56:05-08:00

Mulalo Nego Negondeni

Mulalo Nego Negondeni Designer Creates Mini Replica of Johannesburg in His Backyard With Recycled Materials Story By Samantha Pires on February 16, 2021 There are many artists who feel their work would improve if they had superior materials, that the very best brand of tools will [...]

Mulalo Nego Negondeni2021-12-15T21:39:38-08:00

Terence Ndifor

Terence Ndifor Marketing, Sales and Mindset Development Terence Ndifor is one of the first products of the BELLA Masters. Terence comes from a village in the NW region in Cameroon. His parents were farmers and have passed on. Terence has a passion for IT and enjoys the new found super [...]

Terence Ndifor2021-09-29T08:15:19-07:00

Ayafor Mofor

Ayafor Mofor Profile coming soon!

Ayafor Mofor2021-09-29T07:53:41-07:00

Vidiol Tsague

Vidiol Tsague Credit: iAfrikan.com A 17-year-old school dropout in Cameroon, Vidiol Tsague, has designed the prototype of a passenger plane that can fly for several seconds. He has since been attracting a media buzz in the country. The student, who dropped out of secondary school in the North-Western city of Bamenda because [...]

Vidiol Tsague2021-12-04T14:49:49-08:00
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