Anze is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for business incubation and enterprise development. She completed her undergraduate program in Business and has served at American Airlines flight service for 8 years, after serving at luxury 5 star hospitality brands such as Four Seasons and The Beverly Hills Hotel.

She built a professional network and acumen to launch her first venture of community service at a charter school in Westchester, CA. and later founded BELLA Masters, a 501(C)(3) that develops young visionaries and entrepreneurs in low-income communities from her home continent in African, in the United States and other parts of the world.


Chantel Feola is an accomplished Program Manager and Event Director for internationally renowned entertainment companies and non-profit organizations. Her background has always been in business development and has managed as many as 5,000 programs with $20 million dollars in sales and $100 million dollars in revenue. She is highly skilled at addressing businesses that are struggling on making a profit and relationship development. While in graduate school at Boston University, she consulted various non-profits on program development, budget restructures, and employee relations. Chantel believes people are what make a business blossom.


Sylvia is a certified accountant with experience in working with global accounting firms like Deloitte and Teichmann Group as a mining subcontractor dealing with mine construction, plant and equipment hire.
She is very detailed oriented and adds a huge value to any company with her ability to multitask, problems solving, anticipate challenges and create multiple high-level solutions to resolve them.