Our Mission

Creating Visionaries from low-income communities around the world.

Our Purpose

Banter Education Love and Leadership Advancement (BELLA) Masters was created to provide opportunities for young men and women to explore their ideas without limitation by providing mentoring, guidance, and financial backing.


We collaborate with governments and corporations, non-profit groups and social enterprises, civic leaders and celebrities, other faith-based organizations, youth groups and campus groups, teachers and students and families — anyone willing to help us advocate for the advancement and well-being our BELLA visionaries from low-income communities around the world. We are presently in the following countries: Cameroon, Congo, Rwanda, Sierra Leone & South Africa.


  • Dr. Josephine Ncho
  • Marcie Harrison
  • Emmanuel Yuh
  • Fotema Mba
  • Dr. Ruth Gannon Cook
  • Jonathan White
  • Christopher Che
  • Arrey Obenson
  • Xochtil Hwang
  • Mamua Jeme

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken people.” — Frederick Douglass